Vortrag: Radu Mateescu, INRIA, Grenoble

(Der Vortrag wird live aus der TU-Graz übertragen)

Titel:         „On-the-Fly Verification for Extended Action-Based Temporal Logics“

Zeit:           Donnerstag, 3. März 2016, 11:00-12:30 Uhr

Ort:            Raum E 1.42, Südtrakt, Ebene 1



For analyzing the dynamic behaviour of concurrent value-passing systems, classical temporal logics must be extended with data-handling primitives. Since the early days of formal verification, many such extensions were proposed, both in the linear/branching time and the state/action based settings. We present here MCL (Model Checking Language), an extension of the alternation-free modal mu-calculus with data-handling features, generalized regular expressions over transition sequences, and fairness operators. MCL was designed to allow a versatile and succinct formulation of temporal properties interpreted on labeled transition systems (LTSs) containing data values. We illustrate the usage of MCL by means of classical examples of properties (safety, liveness, fairness). We also describe the implementation of MCL provided by the EVALUATOR 4.0 model checker of the CADP verification toolbox, which evaluates an MCL formula on-the-fly on an LTS and also produces full diagnostics (witnesses and counterexamples), i.e., subgraphs of the LTS illustrating the truth value of the formula. We discuss the expressiveness and evaluation complexity of MCL, and we outline directions of ongoing work.

CV: see http://convecs.inria.fr/people/Radu.Mateescu/


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