TrustEYE: Multiple Open Theses Topics

3D Simulation Environment

In project TrustEYE at the Pervasive Computing Group we are currently offering a wide range of open topics for research projects as well as bachelor or master theses. Topics are open to students from information technology or computer science.
The overall theme of the project is the development of techniques and tools to protect privacy of monitored people in future visual sensor networks. This is especially important since such networks are used no longer only in public places but also in private environments (e.g., assisted living applications). Offered project an theses topics include:

  • design and development of virtual 3D environments (based on Half Life 2)
  • development of social gaming applications for crowdsourcing privacy evaluation
  • embedded computer vision and wireless networking on ARM-based microcontroller systems
  • security solutions for embedded systems
  • computer vision techniques for privacy protection

ARM-based TrustEYE prototype

Additional information as well as a complete list of currently open topics together with detailed descriptions and contact details can be found at the TrustEYE Open Topics site.

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