Selected Topics in Knowledge and Data Engineering: Data Mining

In the week from May 15th – May 19th 2017 Guest-Professor Tadeusz Morzy will give a course about Data Mining:

Recent advances in data capture and data storage technologies have resulted in producing massive data sets in various application domains. These advances have also resulted in a growing gap between technological possibilities of gathering and storing huge volumes of data and user’s ability to understand and efficiently analyze the collected data. Many companies and organizations gather petabytes and exabytes of business transactions, pictures, scientific data, text reports and documents, which are simply too large and too complex to efficiently support decision making processes. On the other hand, traditional data analysis techniques and querying models are not appropriate to extract useful knowledge hidden in massive data sets that can be used to support decision making.

Data mining is a relatively new research area of data analysis which aims at nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful information from massive repositories of data. Data mining can help answer business questions that were too time consuming to resolve with traditional data analysis techniques. Nowadays, the intensive development of data mining techniques results mainly from the rapid growth of new types of data generated and collected by different application domains: pictures, films, music, maps, time series, DNA sequences, chemical structures, documents, social networks, etc.

The course  is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to basic data mining methods and algorithms from the algorithmic point of view. The course covers basic data mining methods like association analysis, sequential pattern discovery, classification, and clustering. For each of presented methods, basic representative algorithms are presented and discussed. The presentation of algorithms is illustrated with a set of examples.

Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Morzy

Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Morzy

More information can be find in ZEUS.


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