Open Master-Thesis: Partitioning of Inter-Organizational Processes with Data-Flow.

Inter-Organizational processes are a vital feature for today’s businesses. For example an online shop is actually realized by different partners: The online shop itself, a logistics company ships the goods and a bank is responsible for the credit card transactions. Today inter-organizational processes are typically implemented according to more or less abstract process models. This results in tedious and error-prone manual work.

In general there are two approaches for inter-organizational processes: On the one hand orchestrations, that are based on a central coordinator and on the other hand choreographies that support a fully distributed operation. The choreography approach has the advantage that the autonomy of the differ-ent partners is preserved.

We have already developed a partitioning approach for the top-down generation of choreographies. In this approach first a global process is defined. In a next step each element of the global process is as-signed to one of the partners. Finally our algorithms automatically generate private processes/views for each partner. These private processes can either directly be executed or they can be extended by the partners.

The existing version of the partitioning procedure concentrates on the control-flow and abstracts from the data-flow. In our current research not only the control-flow but also the (potentially complex) data-flow is subject to partitioning. This is an important topic because it allows to preserve the privacy of the partners and customers. The principle idea is that a partner must only get access to some variable which is defined in the global process if he/she really needs it.

We provide the unique opportunity for one master student to participate in research on this highly relevant topic in the field of inter-organizational processes. The student working on this thesis will actively participate in our research team. In particular he/she will focus on the implementation and evaluation of the approach.  The implementation will be based on existing software and frameworks of our research group.

Contact:  Julius Köpke
Supervisor:  Johann Eder
Co-Supervisor:   Julius Köpke

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Datum: Montag, 27. Januar 2014 12:01
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