Open Master Theses @ Smart Grid Group

The Smart Grid Group of the NES-Institute is offering two new topics for Master Theses:

Occupancy Detection in Household Power Draw

Master Thesis or Research Project (Informatics, Mathematics, Information Technology):

Smart metering and accordingly, fine-grained energy demand data introduces the possibility to extract useful information from the monitored data such as appliance level demand feedback. One possible and important scope of energy consumption data is to detect the occupancy of household residents, which is fundamental to enable a various number of different smart home and home automation applications. Therefore, the task of this Master Thesis is it to identify state of the art algorithms for occupancy detection, to implement the most important and promising algorithms, to compare them and finally, to test them in a real world environment.

Knowledge: Working in a scientific way, programming language according to personal preference (Matlab, Python, C++)
Contact & Advisor: Dominik Egarter (

Energy-Efficient LED Light Control for Smart Buildings

Master Thesis (Informatics, Mathematics, Information Technology):

The reduction of energy demand is an actual and important challenge. A big portion of today’s energy demand underlies the energy demand of household lighting systems. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to identify an energy-efficient lighting system based on LED technology, to create and to implement a test system and to evaluate its performance compared to a todays conventional lighting system.

Knowledge: Circuit design, embedded programming (microcontroller, Raspberry Pi)
Contact & Advisor: Dominik Egarter (

Do you have questions and are you interested for one of the topics? Do not hesitate to contact me (!


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