NES Internship Project Nominated for futurezone Award

The internship project “Multi-Robot Indoor System,” which was awarded at Jugend Innovativ, has been nominated for the Austrian futurezone Award in the category robotics. Interested people are asked to vote for their favorite project.


Günther Cwioro and Peter Kohout, two NES interns going to school at HTL Villach, have worked on networked robots allowing robots to exchange maps created by each robot individually. Under the guidance of Torsten Andre in the group of Professor Bettstetter, the two pupils extended a system for autonomous mapping of unknown indoor environments. They implemented wireless communication between robots without having to rely on pre-installed communication hardware, such as wireless routers or cellular networks. The newly created communication modules are used to exchange local maps produced by robots and to merge these local maps to a common global map.

NES works on autonomous multi-robot systems. Research focuses on the organization and communication during the exploration of indoor environments. Such autonomous systems may keep humans from entering hazardous environments by exploring it first.

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Datum: Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014 15:26
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