GO Professional with Bitmovin

Dear Students and Colleagues,

„Go Professional“ is the new label for all the IEEE Student Branch activities in cooperation with companies. This means the nearby ones, in the Lakeside Park as well as those we meet in the upcoming excursions.

Our first partner under this label is the Lakeside Park based company Bitmovin. Bitmovin is specialised on video streaming and has international reputation in that field. They have experience with big commercial players, as Facebook or Microsoft, and contributed to popular open software projects, e.g. Firefox Browser and VLC Player.

The co-founder of the company talks about his experiences. That includes useful skills and how he got them, what matters when he hires new staff members or what to think about when starting your own business. You get in contact with your future employer or the company partner for your master-, or PhD-thesis. You have the possibility to discuss and chat in a relaxed atmosphere with some drinks and snacks.

WHEN: TODAY (7 May, 2014) at 18:00

WHERE: Lakeside Park B04a L4.1.1 (Seminar Room)

LINK to Facebook event

Best wishes,

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Datum: Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 12:18
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