EU-wide patent on Secure Section Control System has been granted to members of the system security research group at the Institute of Applied Informatics

Section control systems are common and widely deployed mean of detecting speed limit violations. Data protection regulations demand that a driver’s privacy must be protected up to the point where a violation is provably detected. However, the detection itself already calls for data processing, which must be done encryptedly for legal compliance.


TeWi and Kapsch TraffiCom AG together succesful


To resolve this issue, Kapsch TraffiCom AG started a joint project with the members of the system security research group to devise a cryptographically enhanced section control system that detects speed limit violations while preventing leakage of private information about drivers that obey the regulations. The resulting system was submitted for EU-wide patenting, and the patent number EP 2 648 170 B1A method for detecting a speed violation of a vehicle“ was issued by the European Patent office to Alexander Abl (Kapsch TrafficCom AG), and the members of the system security research group: Stefan Rass, Peter Schartner and Prof. Patrick Horster.


Datum: Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015 16:30
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