Coworking und die moderne Arbeitswelt

Dear Students and Colleagues,

the next event of the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt in the summer semester will be a talk about Coworking​ in frame of our GoProfessional series. Two coworkers will introduce you to this modern work style and the advantages over the traditional concepts. They will also share their own experience and tell you about all the details you need to know in case you want to start your first job as a coworker. Of course, you can ask them questions after the talk in a relaxed environment while having some drinks and snacks.

DATE: 18:00 on 24th March, 2015

LOCATION: L4.1.01 (Seminar Room) Lakeside Park B04a

We hope to see you all.

Please check our Facebook Event for up-to-date information.

IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt

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    I personally love the concept of coworking! I found that I can work better and am more motivated when I have people around me who are also hard at work. 5 months ago I rented out a desk at a coworking office and never regretted it. I am so much more productive and love that I can bounce my ideas off other people or just have a quick talk over coffee. For all my administration related tasks and to have a top address in downtown Vienna I recently hired No complaints so far!

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