Computer Science Practicum at ECONOB

Topic „Analyzing and Improving the Software QA Process“ (2-3 students)

The econob – Informationsdienstleistungs GmbH offers the chance to conduct a practicum (Softwarepraktikum) in Applied Computer Science starting in the summer term 2014 (Sommersemester 2014).

The goal of this practicum ist to analyze the existing software development life cycle and its overall output quality. Systems/frameworks/components currently used (e.g. Sonar, Checkstyle, PMD) are to be reviewed and cross-checked with stat-of-the-art best practices. Ideally, the outputs of the practicum are suggestions to improve both, the software quality and its related software development processes at econob. Starting with an initial workshop, the focus and major concerns of the practicum are defined together.

econob is an innovative high-tech company that provides tools and online services for natural language processing and big data analysis in domains such as finance, social media analysis and medicine.

The practicum is considered for 2 to 3 motivated computer science students. Programming skills and rudimentary knowledge about software development processes are required. Knowledge of quality assurance tools and platforms, such as Sonar, Checkstyle, PMD, is a plus.



Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Martin Pinzger


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