Austrian Robotics Workshop in Klagenfurt

For the first time, the Austrian Robotics Workshop takes place on May 7th and 8th in Klagenfurt. This yearly event brings together researchers from industry and academia from Austria and neighboring countries to discuss current developments in robotics.

Intelligente sich autonom  bewegende Roboter

Intelligent self-organizing robots

We are glad to announce our keynote speakers:

  1. Dr. Werner Huber, BMW Munich, is one of the leading experts on self-driving cars. Since 2012 he has been leading the research group of driving assistance and perception at BMW Group Research and Technology and he is responsible for the project “Highly Automated Driving”. He speaks about current research at BWM on series production of autonomously driving cars.
  2. Dr. Sabine Hauert is Lecturer at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and University of Bristol where she designs swarms of nanobots for biomedical applications. The speaks about the challenge to discover how trillions of nanobots can work together to improve the detection and treatment of tumors. Towards this end, the field of swarm robotics offers tools and techniques for controlling large numbers of robots with limited capabilities.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, Friday, 7th and 8th of May. The keynotes are free to attend and we kindly invite all interested parties to join. If you are interested to join other parts of the workshop, we invite you to register on workshops website. The program will be available on the workshop’s website.

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