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NES Open Lab 2019 – mark your calendar!

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019 12:28



NES Open Lab 2019

March 13th @ 5 pm  in B04 a, 1st floor


click here for details: NES_OpenLab2019

Looking forward!


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Internship or Master Thesis: Real-Time Wireless Communication Industrie 4.0

Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014 12:16

Your responsibilities:
You will be a part of a research team at Robert Bosch GmbH working on a networking platform for connected manufacturing in future factories (Industrie 4.0). Your main tasks will include:

  • Evaluation of real-time operation systems for embedded wireless devices (IEEE 802.15.4, Bluetooth, WLAN)
  • Setting-up a testbed for a wireless network with real-time services
  • Design and implementation of service and packet scheduler

Your competencies and qualifications:

  • Student of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or similar
  • Good programming skills in C/C++
  • Solid Linux user with first programming experience of embedded devices (Arduino, OpenWRT, TinyOS, embedded Linux, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of (wireless) networking protocols (MAC and routing)
  • Well-organized, responsible, and independent working style

Date and location:

  • Start: Dezember 2014
  • Length: 6 months
  • Job location: Renningen

Reference no.: DE00327359. Apply here. Please attach your examination regulations and when indicated work permit and legal alien resident. For more information contact Dr. Marchenko. Tel.: +49-711-811- 24518.



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NES Internship Project Nominated for futurezone Award

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014 15:26

The internship project “Multi-Robot Indoor System,” which was awarded at Jugend Innovativ, has been nominated for the Austrian futurezone Award in the category robotics. Interested people are asked to vote for their favorite project.


Günther Cwioro and Peter Kohout, two NES interns going to school at HTL Villach, have worked on networked robots allowing robots to exchange maps created by each robot individually. Under the guidance of Torsten Andre in the group of Professor Bettstetter, the two pupils extended a system for autonomous mapping of unknown indoor environments. They implemented wireless communication between robots without having to rely on pre-installed communication hardware, such as wireless routers or cellular networks. The newly created communication modules are used to exchange local maps produced by robots and to merge these local maps to a common global map.

NES works on autonomous multi-robot systems. Research focuses on the organization and communication during the exploration of indoor environments. Such autonomous systems may keep humans from entering hazardous environments by exploring it first.


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Rückblick auf das IT-Ferialpraktikum 2014

Montag, 4. August 2014 16:18

Nach einem lehrreichen, aber eindeutig zu kurzem Monat, verabschieden wir uns schon wieder von den 36 FerialpraktikantInnen unserer Fakultät. Allerdings nicht ohne nochmals einen kleinen Rückblick auf die vergangenen Wochen zu tätigen.

IT-FerialpraktikantInnen 2014 an der Fakultät für Technische Wissenschaften



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Bachelor Topic: Android app „Energy Meter“

Freitag, 20. September 2013 11:10

CounterCurrent meters show the consumed energy as a 7 digit number displayed on the front of the meter casing. The goal is to develop an Android App that periodically makes a photo of the meter and extracts the value via OCR. The work can built upon existing routines for OCR, but needs to be tailored to handle possibly out of focus images and to take knowledge from previous measurements into account.

This topic can also be done as a research project or a masters thesis. For a masters thesis topic, the work should also include a measurement campaign and an interpretation of the data. Applicants should have basic experiences with Android programming and be in the „Information Technology“ or „Informatik“ study program.
The topic is offered at the group of Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich at the Insitute of Networked and Embedded Systems.

Further topics (Bachelor/Master thesis/Research Projects) for can be found at the Smart Grid Blog and the Self-Organizing Networked Systems Blog.


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Dienstag, 6. August 2013 14:55

Flying High

The video submission to the AAAI 2013 (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence with the title „Flying High – Autonomous Multi-UAV System for Wide Area Coverage“ of the UAV team of Alpen-Adria-Universität and Lakeside Labs was nominated for the Best Student Award in July 2013. The video describes the main use cases of the project Collaborative Microdrones and presents the developed methods for planning, routing and mosaicking. Have fun while watching the nominated video here Further information on ongoing projects and thesis can be found here:


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Diplomarbeit: Erweiterung des Java-Frameworks FREVO

Montag, 4. Februar 2013 22:12

FREVO ist ein Open-Source Framework welches Ingenieure und Wissenschafter beim Entwurf von selbstorganisierenden Systemen unterstützt. Es ist strikt modular aufgebaut, was die Erweiterung um einzelne Funktionen für geübte Java-Programmierer einfach macht. FREVO basiert auf Vorarbeiten an der TU Wien und wurde in seiner aktuellen Form an der Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt konzipiert. Die aktuelle Version ist unter verfügbar.

Anwendungen sind der evolutionäre Entwurf von Algorithmen für Multi-Agenten Systeme, wie zum Beispiel das Finden eines Spielalgorithmus für eine Roboterfussballmannschaft:

Eine kurze Einführung zum Tool findet sich im Blogartikel „Just 6 minutes of your time“.

Im Rahmen der Diplomarbeit ist ein Modul zu entwerfen welches Spiking Neural Networks als neue Representation für einen Algorithmus implementiert. Das Ergebnis ist mit Hilfe der vorgegebenen Szenarien mit den anderen bereits vorhandenen Algorithmusrepresentationen zu vergleichen.


  • Studium der Informatik, Informationstechnik oder Mathematik
  • Gute Java-Kenntnisse und Programmierfahrung
  • Erfahrungen im Umgang von Eclipse, SVN
  • Interesse an Neuronalen Netzwerken

Das Thema kann bei Interesse gerne aufgewertet werden, was eine wissenschaftliche Weiterführung des Themas oder ein gemeinsames Arbeiten an dem Thema gemeinsam mit einem Kollegen/einer Kollegin möglich macht (zwei DiplomandInnen oder Diplomarbeit+Softwarepraktikum).

Bei guter Leistung ist eine Unterstützung der Diplomarbeit durch ein Stipendium möglich.

Kontakt: Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich ( oder István Fehérvári (


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Lightscribe with an autonomously flying UAV

Dienstag, 7. August 2012 6:00

Lightscribe – writing with light – An idea of our trainees could be realized in a few days – or better to say – nights. We exported text and graphics as vectors and computed optimized route plans for our Microdrone MD4 UAV. The projective camera model was considered in the route planning, thus the UAV was flying always at the same altitude but the result exposed to the spectators at the computed position on the ground was upright and almost free of distortions. For drawing on the sky we replaced the camera module by a custom ciruit powering two 3.5 Watts LED lamps combined with an alloy reflector to make the light even visible on sunny days.

For saving the idea’s output we did long time exposures over the whole flight, for more than six minutes, which results in gorgeous pictures. Check out the making of movie

More pictures can be found in the cDrones gallery:


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IT-Internship @ Pervasive Computing Group

Montag, 8. August 2011 7:22

This summer three students from High School took the opportunity to perform an internship at the department of Pervasive Computing.  Lukas Jesenko, Florian Wernig and Patrick Egart worked on the topic „The computer inside a watch“.  The realized project is a virtual door which can be opened by a special wrist watch.  The used hardware is the free programmable watch from Texas Instruments (eZ430-Chronos).  This platform is equipped with a number of sensors and a wireless interface.  The present accelerometers were used to enable the user to enter a code via hand movements.  If the correct code was entered, the virtual door was opened.  During this internship, the students learned to obtain information on their own and to become acquainted with a new system. Many thanks to them and their supervisors Wolfgang Schriebl and Herwig Guggi!


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Uni Klagenfurt sucht Praktikanten für August/September

Montag, 18. Juli 2011 21:09

Das Institut für Vernetzte und Eingebettete Systeme an der Universität Klagenfurt sucht für August/September noch Praktikanten. Zielgruppe sind Schüler einer österreichischen Oberstufe, inklusive des heurigen Maturajahrgangs.
Anforderungen sind Interesse an technischen Systemen, etwas Erfahrung im Programmieren (bevorzugt Java) und Spaß am kreativen „Tüfteln“. Entlohnung 700€ brutto. Bewerbungen bitte bis spätestens 25.7.2011 an mit Lebenslauf und letztem Zeugnis.


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